In addition to private lessons, Cornerstone Music Studios host a variety of exciting instructional programs for children of all ages and levels of experience, as well as some seasonal offerings. Explore the links below to learn more about these top-quality programs.

Budding Actor's Workshop                                                  Mondays, 7PM - 8PM


This high-energy, educational, interactive acting class for emerging actors in elementary school (K-5th) works on building self-confidence, self-expression, and effective storytelling. No previous experience required taught by Cornerstone Music Studios' own Elizabeth Wojtowicz!

The String Orchestra                                                                                             Mondays, 7PM – 8PM

The String Orchestra, a strings-only class for any level string musician, will require multiple students on a part for 
Violin, Viola, and Cello. Taught by Cornerstone Music Studios' own Ruotao Mao.

Actor's Intensive Workshop                                                Mondays, 8PM - 9PM


This course offers middle school and high school students the opportunity to further develop believable characters and make intuitive acting choices through the use of script analysis with Cornerstone Music Studios' own Arielle Rabano!

The Singing Ladies Group                                                     Mondays, 8PM – 9PM


Ladies, Ages 18 years and up

Do you love to sing in the shower and need some time out with the girls? Are you tired of dropping the kids off at activities and not doing anything for yourself? Join us for a night out of girl time and music! Taught by Danyel Shiflet

Community Chorus                                                        Tuesdays, 4:30PM - 6PM

The Community Chorus is open to young singers ages 8-13 interested in experiencing the joy of choral singing! During this program, students will begin to develop proper choral technique and performance etiquette through exciting warm-ups, musical games, and repertoire. Participants will also cultivate creative expression, communication skills, problem solving skills, and inventive thinking throughout the program as they sing together weekly with Miranda Smith!

Storybook Theatre Workshop                                            Tuesdays, 5PM - 6PM

The Storybook Theatre Workshop is the perfect class for actors and singers ages 6-8 interested in musical theatre! This performance-focused class will teach your budding thespian about staging, storytelling, emoting, and authenticity through improvisation games, learning a script, and bringing song to our stage! This class will culminate in a final performance. Taught by Cornerstone Music Studios' own Annie Bryson.

ROCK.Out.Loud                                                                                     Tuesdays, 6:15PM – 7:00PM

At ROCK.Out.Loud we re-create the experience of playing in a professional rock band with real rock instruments to foster self-expression and social skills. The program is directed by ABA-Certified Paraprofessional and multi-instrument musician, Sean Yocum. Through guided hands-on experience with keyboards, drums, electric guitars, electric bass, and microphones, ROCK.Out.Loud participants practice rhythm, identifying song components, movement, and creating stage presence. 

Intermediate Rock Band                                                                                      TBA


 This Rock Band is for students who are looking to be members in a real rock band! Does your teen dream of rock n’ roll? Does he play a little piano, or can she rock the bass? There’s room for all rock stars in this genuine-band-experience group class that works on understanding rhythm and working in a group with Cornerstone Music Studios' Dylan Lloyd!

Wednesday Jazz Ensemble                                               Wednesdays, 5:30PM – 6:30PM

For all our young musicians, ages 8-13, interested in experiencing a jazz group ensemble setting and work with improvisation and composition. Taught by Cornerstone Music Studios' Daniel Kochersberger.

Adult Rock Band                                                                                                   TBA


Have you learned an instrument and been wanting to play in a band? Now’s your chance. In this class we will hone

necessary skills to play as a cohesive unit and have fun learning songs from various decades. Taught by Dylan Lloyd!

Music Explorations Class                                          Thursdays, 4PM - 4:45PM

 Join Cornerstone Music Studios' own Danyel Shiflet for this drop-off class that introduces your young one to rhythm, tone, and the basics of music! For ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 years old, this class will work through song and hands on experience with instruments to pique their interest in music and give them a steady foundation for music studies and for their own expression!

Beginner Ukulele Workshop                                                                             TBA


Perfect for young artists and those new to music and string instruments!

Join us for our first term of beginner ukulele, where the up and coming musicians of tomorrow can learn the basics to playing this petite and fun instrument with Cornerstone Music Studios' Dylan Lloyd!

Intermediate Ukulele Workshop                                                                     TBA


 Fun for older students and those with some music background to learn this mellow four-stringed instrument. Learn how to play a melody in just a few classes and work on strumming and picking technique with Cornerstone Music Studios’ own Dylan Lloyd!

Advanced Rock Band                                                          Thursdays, 8PM - 9PM


 This Rock Band is for students who are looking to be members in a real rock band! Does your teen dream of rock n’ roll? Does he already rock out on bass or is she belting it in the shower? There’s room for all rock stars in this genuine-band-experience group class and work on ensemble technique, performance, and solos with Cornerstone Music Studios' Dylan Lloyd!

Musikgarten                                                                          Fridays, 11:15AM - 12PM

 Join us for Musikgarten, a music class that you and your child take together! Family group classes for babies and toddlers that model music-making in the home, ages infant to 3 years with Cornerstone Music Studios' own Danyel Shiflet.

Pre-Storybook Theatre                                                  Saturdays, 11:15AM – 12PM

 Previously our Storybook Theatre Series, this improved and enhanced acting and theatre class is for our youngest of performers! In this class, students will learn about self-expression, physicality, acting and music theatre through games, song, and dance and will each get a script with a named part and lines through staged musical performance, culminating in a final performance at the end of the term. Taught by Melissa Fajardo and Danyel Shiflet, this class is for ages 3 1/2 to 5 years!

We are also happy to hold various other group classes throughout the year, based on interest and availability. If you are interested in any of the classes below, please contact us:


  • A Capella

  • Duos and Trios

  • Music Theory

  • Listening to Music, then and Now

  • Songwriting Workshop

  • World Rhythms

  • Opera 101

  • Jazz 101

  • Introduction to Music Production and Looping


Please note that Cornerstone Music Studios is unable to pro-rate or compensate students for Group Classes or Summer Camp dates that students are unable to attend. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Questions or comments? Please email us or call our studios at (732) 446-1919. We look forward to hearing from you.