Cornerstone Music Studios is proud to host Musikgarten, a series of group classes which follow the development of your child from birth to beginning piano. Family members can take full advantage of these programs by enjoying the included materials together! The Musikgarten curriculum is nationally renowned for its comprehensiveness, emphasis on active participation, and reflection of the latest insights in child development research. Our Musikgarten teacher, Danyel Shiflet, are highly trained professionals with classroom and field experience in early childhood and music education.


Fridays, 11:15am-12:00pm

Cornerstone Music MAIN.

Currently, Cornerstone offers the following Musikgarten classes:


Family Music for Babies (birth to 15 months, with parent or caregiver): Parents learn to play musically with their babies in their arms. Features include bouncing and rocking songs, wiggle and peek-a-boo games to increase your child’s curiosity about music and to help develop their listening skills. (30 minutes- class length varies with group readiness)


Family Music for Toddlers (15+ months to 3 years, with parent or caregiver): Children explore and experiment with the world of sound more on their own. Develops further musical aptitude and focused listening and assists memory through repetition. (30-45 minutes, class length varies with group readiness)


Cycle of Seasons (3 years to 5+ years): Enhances moving, singing and talking skills while fostering a child’s vivid imagination through a celebration of the four seasons. Activities will build child’s growing independence and competencies. (45 minutes, class length varies with group readiness)


Blended-Ages Music (18 months to 5 years, with parent or caregiver): Ideal for families, this mixed-age class allows children to learn the fundamentals of music in a nurturing and creative environment alongside peers. Blended-Ages Music fosters a musical learning experience through movement, song, dance, chanting, rhythms and instrument play. (45 minutes)


Explorations in Music (5 years and up): A wonderful way to transition your bright, eager child to traditional private music lessons, our Music Explorations curriculum is customized specifically for children to “explore” fundamentals of music, very beginner theory (including note reading, tempo and dynamics), rhythm constructs and a variety of instruments (piano, violin, viola, voice, guitar, percussion).