The Saturday World Music Workshop is a class for anyone, whether you are an instrumentalist, vocalist, or just an avid music appreciator (non-musician). With a healthy balance between talk and music, the class will be split into music appreciation and     learning tunes from various sections of the world. Scottish, Cape Breton, Irish,Old-Time/Virginia, Country, Blues, Eastern, and Western genres will all be covered through live demonstration and recordings. Each class will discuss the  ornamentation, instrumentation, and the evolution of each style. The recordings we will listen to will be from present day to recordings dating back pre-1920 from the Library of Congress. A basic understanding of music theory will also be covered. The class will discuss how each style has evolved, but also learn the roots of each genre as well. To close out each class, the group will collectively learn a tune from around the world. No worry for the non-instrumentalist, as we will be doing songs that have lyrics. The class is taught by recent Berklee College of Music graduate, Peter Pezzino.

Drop In Classes!

Saturdays, 12:00PM - 2:00PM

May 13th - Cape Breton, Scottish

June 10th - Irish, Appalachian, Old-Time/Virginia

July 8th - Country vs. Blues Music

August 12th - Eastern vs. Western Music

Cornerstone Music Studios EAST

Saturday World Music Workshops